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Samples from our photo collection

Browsing through our albums is a nice way to discover the life in Château-Richer, of yesterday with today, under all its angles : activities, buildings, school life, families, special occasions, religious life, sports, workers, etc.

Here are some photos chosen randomly among all these categories.

In the past, carriage was a common mean of transportation.


A farmer reaping on his land in Château-Richer.


A house which served as a post office and a hotel. It has been demolished in the 1950's.


A cardboard mill located at the Sault-à-la-Puce. It had been replaced by a floor mill at the beginning of the century. It stopped working in 1938.

Cardboard mill

St-Jean-Baptiste parade in 1966 at Château-Richer.


A group of boys at the Château-Richer convent in 1911.

Group of boys

A schooner named "Victor" and used since 1905. It was restored in 1930 and renamed «Rivière-Saint-François».